Våra tjänster

Turbin i Väst AB

Is a company that is located on Orust and specializes in
service, repairs, maintenance, and balancing of turbines for all sorts of big engines.
The turbines we work with is:

NR Series, NA series and TCA series.

RR series, the VTR 0-1 series, the VTR 4 series and VTC series.

295, 297, 307, 355, 357, 457

We also perform cleaning with special funds
and blasting with ceramic sand for minimal wear and tear on the material.
Repair of turbine blades, compressor wheel, replacing the sealing strip in the turbine shaft,
balancing, mounting of new turbine blades and impellers.

In addition to turbine shafts, we also balance crankshafts, pump shafts, etc.

We also sell the most common wear parts for turbines , gaskets,
Sealings, safety rings, nipples, bearings, nozzle ring, cover ring, turbine shafts with new blades and
Compressor Wheel. Sales of complete rotors, new and reconditioned.